We answer some of the most common questions about solar energy,
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About solar energy and self-consumption

The possibility of being able to produce your own electricity and cover, totally or partially, the electricity demand of your home, business or industry.

If you generate less energy than you need, you can continue to buy it from your supplier. If you have surplus energy, you can store it in batteries or feed it into the grid in exchange for financial compensation.

Yes. Self-consumption is a legal means for all types of installations and owners. Also for houses and residential buildings. With Royal Decree 244/2019, the so-called “sun tax” is over. Now it is easy and quick to produce your own energy.

For profitability. You save on your electricity bill in a context of rising energy prices, with an investment that you amortise in a few years. Improvements in installations, public aid and tax deductions make it even more accessible and attractive to produce your own energy.

For environmental commitment. You reduce your carbon footprint by contributing to curbing climate change and pollution linked to the extraction, transport and use of fossil fuels.

Consumption efficiency and safety. Technology allows you to accurately monitor your electricity consumption and avoid the losses and inconveniences caused by occasional power cuts

For the revaluationof your home. In the case of residential installations, several studies show that houses with solar panels are sold earlier and at a higher price.

The cost of installation and economic profitability depends on many factors, but to give you an idea, the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) estimates that an average home can amortise its investment in 6-10 years, without taking into account possible public subsidies, which could reduce the period to less than 5 years.

Many customers, in addition to the environmental benefit, consider electricity self-consumption to be a large economic investment in the long term (25-30 years).

Each case is very different. That is why we advise you to get advice from specialised companies that can help you with the numbers and with the design of an installation adapted to your needs.

We get asked this question a lot and the short answer is yes. Clouds limit the direct radiation from the sun, but not all of it.

How much or how little sunlight is used depends on the technology used and the type and thickness of the clouds.

The orientation and the absence of direct shadows on the honeycombs are more decisive for the yield than the number of cloudy days.

You can store it in batteries or sell the surplus energy if your installation meets a number of requirements. Selling surplus energy is another way to amortise the investment sooner. However, our recommendation is to dimension the installation so that you produce what you consume at any given moment.

These installations have a useful life of 25 to 30 years. With our maintenance service, in addition to ensuring their optimal operation, we inform you of the performance of the panels and when it is convenient to renew the equipment.

We recommend that you consult the information provided by your Autonomous Community and your local council.

Due to our location, many of our clients are from Andalusia and the body to contact is the Andalusian Energy Agency (Agencia Andaluza de la Energía).

In Spain you can consult the information provided by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE).

About our work

No. We take care of everything, from the moment you give us your details until the system is fully installed and operational.

Only the best, such as Fronius (we are a System Partner, so we can repair the inverters ourselves), Longi or JA Solar.

The modules are guaranteed for 25 years. The inverters, 7 years. The installation, 5 years.

Yes. You can have total control of the installation from your mobile phone.

We charge 50% on acceptance of the quote. The remaining 50% on delivery of the fully operational installation.

Yes. When we prepare your study we also take into account your location in order to give you a quotation.

In addition to Spanish, we also work in German and English.


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